Your First Visit

Initial Assessment
Initial consultations are between 30 and 40 minutes. X-rays will be taken at this time if the chiropractor feels this is necessary. We have X-ray facilities on site and they are taken at no extra charge to you. The initial consultation is £25.00. Treatment may be given in very acute cases at this stage. If treatment is commenced on your first visit you will be charged £45. Read about one patient’s first experience of chiropractic treatment here.

Report of Findings
Your Report of Findings is also a 30 minute appointment and follows the initial assessment. Within this appointment you are given a full explanation of your problem including diagnosis and a treatment plan. At this stage treatment is commenced with the patient’s consent. Treatments at Active Health are £35 per visit.

Reassessments are carried out periodically to monitor patients progress.

Servicing Your Spine
Cars are serviced regularly even when they are running well? We should treat our bodies in the same way. Once a chiropractor has helped you back to health, a regular check-up can keep your body in good working order.